Board Packs

Steph Locke


Who am I?

I’m Steph Locke

What’s a board pack?

  • A collection of key metrics from around the business
  • An account of performance from department heads
  • A high visibility piece of MI
  • A very time consuming document to produce!
  • A very expensive document to produce!

What’s a board pack like?

  • A research update
  • Other pieces of MI
  • Business Plans
  • Annual Returns
  • Other documents with multiple diagrams and associated text

How is it typically done?

  • Lots of people across the company beavering away in spreadsheets
  • Outputting to Word (hopefully not Excel)
  • Lots of stuff gets emailed
  • Lots of stuff gets typed, then emailed
  • Someone painstakingly consolidates all the sheets / docs into a PDF
  • Lots of people criticise / feedback
  • Repeat all of above, eventually just publish anyway

What’s would we like to achieve?

  • Reduction in sending work back upstream
  • Reduction in executive time to produce
  • Standardisation of look and feel
  • Reduction in spreadsheets

Translating aim to reality