• Battle of the Beards

    An open source techy conference aimed at having beardy fun and raising awareness and funds to fight male suicide

    conference, open source

    A website to collect information on DataOps


    A tribute site to the rare item of women's clothing that will fit a modern phone in!

    rage against fashion
  • HIBPwned

    An R package for working with [HaveIBeenPwned](, released via CensorNet

    R, open source, CensorNet
  • MSFT Stack

    The Microsoft user group in Cardiff, UK

    Microsoft, MSFT data platform, user group
  • Rtraining

    Most of my slides, especially the R ones.

    R, speaking, MSFT Data Platform
  • Tribal SQL

    Contributed the chapter *Building Better Reports* to the book, for charity

    MSFT Data Platform, Business Intelligence
  • caRdiff

    The R user group in Cardiff, UK

    R, user group, open source
  • optiRum

    A package for working with finacial data, glm's, and documents built when I was at Optimum Credit

    R, open source, Optimum Credit
  • satRdays

    Global initiative to make R conferences local and accessible.

    R, conference, open source
  • tfsR

    An R package for working with Team Foundation Services and/or Visual Studio Team Services

    R, TFS, VSTS